Financial System and Sustainable Development

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SIS advises financial players (development banks, commercial banks, pension funds, asset managers, etc.) to elaborate standards and develop procedures to integrate environmental and social aspects into their business strategy, either in lending (from microfinance to Project Finance), or in investment services – either in fixed-income securities (government or, mainly, corporate bonds), equities or funds. SIS‘s activities in this regard are also divided into three lines: trainings, research and consulting services.

Courses open for registration


The programmes offered are very basic or advanced, but customised presence or on-line training programmes that will fit the demands of each institution’s staff can be elaborated as well, either focusing environmental and social risk evaluation and the consequent negative impact prevention, or the available instruments for fostering of projects with positive social or environmental impacts.


Examples of trainings:

Management of Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy for Financial Institutions


The research activities include:
I – mapping of environmental and social risks and opportunities, as well of the main stakeholders, specific for each industry;
II – identification and evaluation of projects with positive social or environmental impacts for investors focused on this strategy type, combining the financial rentability analysis and impacts intensity measurement.

Consulting and other services

The offered services cover:
I – assistance in the elaboration or revision of the Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy (ESRP) and its respective Action Plan in compliance with Resolution no. 4.327 of 2014, from the National Monetary Council, as well as Manuals of Procedures (indicating the tools for the risk assessment), including specific guidelines for the more relevant industries of the institution’s operating portfolio;
II – assistance for financial institutions (banks, credit cooperatives, insurance companies, pension funds etc.) in the elaboration of sustainability reports, according to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or Integrated Report parameters, including the TCFD recommendations;
III – assessment of environmental and social risks in specific lending (adopting the International Finance Corporation – IFC – parameters) or investment transactions, with stakeholders mapping, identification of controversial questions and appropriate mitigating solutions, supporting the elaboration of action plans, whenever appropriate;
IV – elaboration of environmental and social risk management strategy for credit or investment portfolios, considering industries, location and publicly available information on the environmental and social performance of clients, values and types of transactions;
V – assistance in elaboration of strategy for consideration of environmental and social factors in credit pricing;
VI – elaboration of environmental, social or governance risk mapping strategy (from the analysis of publicly available information to direct contacts with the companies) and engagement with investee companies aiming at the mitigation of those risks, involving meetings with high management, participation (as proxy voters) in Annual General Meetings of public companies (including the presentation of proposals) and so on.


Industry Specific Guidelines for Environmental and Social Risk Assessment

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